Angelo Semeraro

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Toccata is an interactive on-screen installation where a digital textile reacts to the visitors’ movement, changing its form and giving the perception of modifying the equilibrium of the digital environment projected on the screen. An arpeggio of synthetized sine tones and noises is generated to give supporting feedback to the user’s physical movement and to make the user experience immersive.

The application has been developed using openframeworks and Box2d, a 2 dimensional physics simulator engine. The 3d effect is an illusion created by connecting particles as well as overlaying transparency.

Toccata has been part of the Benetton Windows Project, a large screens installed in Benetton stores, replacing the traditional “shop window” with a “full window” video wall.

Toccata was part of DOS (Disegnare oggetti sonori) exhibition in Auditorium Parco della musica, Rome.