Angelo Semeraro
Del colore dell'aria

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The installation with three-channel projection and relief model, visualizes the atmospheric fluctuations of a day of 500 years ago, bringing us at the feet of Monte Rosa—or “Mon Boso”, as Leonardo calls it in his notes on the “colour of the air” presented in the Codex Leicester (f. 4r). Following his ascent to the mountain’s heights, Leonardo’s observations can be considered among the first studies of fundamental pheneomena like atmospheric refraction and the effects of air density on the reflection of light. His words incite us to keep an inquisitive eye towards an ever-changing nature, one that is bound to evolve and radically mutate in the era of global warming.

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Studio Folder designed the installation “Del colore dell’aria” on the occasion of “Leonardo da Vinci. Disegnare il futuro”, an exhibition at the Royal Museums in Turin with over fifty works, illustrating Leonardo da Vinci’s studies in art and science, in the form of drawings.

Is the XVI century sky observed by Leonardo similar to the present? Will it be any different from the one we’ll be looking at in a hundred years from now?

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