Angelo Semeraro
Aerocene Float Predictor

The Aerocene Float Predictor is a free open-access online resource which incorporates real-time information from 16-day forecasts of wind speeds at different altitudes. This areosolar-float trajectory interface is a navigation tool used to plan journeys around the Earth.

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Float Predictor is part of Aerocene, an interdisciplinary artistic endeavour by artist Tomás Saraceno that seeks to devise new modes of sensitivity towards achieving an ethical collaboration with the atmosphere and the environment. Its activities manifest in the testing and circulation of lighter-than-air sculptures that become buoyant only in the heat of the Sun and infrared radiation from the surface of the Earth.

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Studio Folder designed the Float Predictor overall website and interactive interface, which allows to launch the balloon apparatuses conceived by Saraceno. The interface enhances the audience online engagement and foster participation to nurture the archive of aeroglyphs – the routes of the balloons. Datasets from live weather conditions are employed to forecast their routes.

Website accessible here.